Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When show is over what remains

Hello All
Here i am on the 3rd day after finishing my 20th dance show(reset)at theatre building chicago
i spent all day monday and tuesday icing my knee which was an old injury that got triggered and also my right shoulder from all this work with the silk.
Soon i will post some video shots about the show and the work of my dance company(karim tonsy egyptian physical dance theatre)
so i think the best way to describe those few days after the show is that i am trying to center myself again ,breath and listen to my body.
i could not stop teaching my classes at Equinox cause i already been away due to show and rehearsals so iam still looking forward to a small vacation to rest and give my body and my mind the time to relax and think about the next chapter of my dancing life
oh by the way did anyone read about Isadora Duncan the great name behind modern dance?
well i am reading right now my fifth book about her and how she developed her movement techniques .
believe it or not the more i read about all those pioneers in modern and dance theatre like Isadora Duncan ,Rudolph Laban and Nijinsky the more i discover a lot of similarities in my work and ideas i guess cause i studied that when i was in london back in 1994.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Welcome to my blog and my 20th dance performance titled (reset)
About me, my name is Karim Tonsy Iam an Italian Egyptian, born in Rome and raised in Cairo, Egypt.

I use dance and movement to communicate and tell my story , my background and share life experiences. I never go on stage unless I have something to say and share with dancers and audience. It's really the only moment I can really breathe and be true head to toe.

Dance is my meditation and my escape.

Come to see "reset" dance show June 10-13 at the Theatre Building in Chicago, 1225 W. Belmont (Belmont and Racine)

Tell me what you think of the show. Please post your comments here.

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